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We ACers (Animal Communicators) are here to listen to you and your animals, to help you bridge the gap between species, to help work out problems, and to help create a friendlier and more compassionate world. We hope you find this international directory helpful and will call on one of us whenever you feel the need.




Babette has been a professional animal communicator and energy healer for more than fifteen years. She received advanced-level training from legendary animal communicator Penelope Smith, and is trained in several energy healing modalities. She became a certified Body Talk Practitioner in 2009, and has been a Reiki Master since 2010. Babette is the author of Hear Them Speak; a Twelve-Week Course in Telepathic Animal Communication. Remote sessions with Babette include a written transcript, any energy healing that comes up as a priority, and a follow-up by phone. She specializes in discovering and healing the root of problem behaviors; and many times, this process includes a spiritual journey of healing and awakening for the animal’s closest human companion. “Our animal companions often become the symptom-bearers, the mirrors, of our own issues. If we’re not happy and balanced, how can they be?” Babette’s goal is to foster understanding, compassion, and healing for everyone in your multi-species family.


DANA MILLER COBURN (626)-536-7001 or  (520) 578-0328  // Dana knows that an animal’s thoughts, feelings, and wisdom run deep and she consistently connects with the deeper, more spiritual and emotional aspects of animals. Dana is a specialist in cases involving lost and missing animals. She believes that animals that are away from home require special attention and time investment. Dana is also known for diligent and thorough follow-up work with missing animals to help both the animal and their humans during a very difficult time. She also connects easily with animals in spirit form. Dana’s comprehensive consults yield complete written transcripts of the animal’s communication session.


CARLA SIMMONS - Rancho Cordova, CA. (916) 631-7535.   //  Come allow 
Carla's compassionate nature to assist you with all issues concerning your beloved animal friends, including those surrounding death, dying, and the afterlife. Using Carla as a translator can help bring you to a deeper level of mutual understanding with your animal friend, and create a more satisfying relationship. Carla uses her skill in intuitive diagnostics to explore physical issues and their deeper meaning. She also helps bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels using flower essences and energetic healing work for both animals and their humans.

SUSIE BASANDA - Tehachapi, CA. (805) 368-6740.  // Susie has been communicating with animals for more than 15 years.  Being close to animals and nature throughout her life, animal communication was something that evolved in her understanding and capability over time.  Susie's focus is on behavioral issues and she communicates to get to the root of the issue.  She also works with animals that have transitioned to the other side.  her work is done either in person or remotely over the phone.


- Monument, CO  (719) 481-3917 or ,   Sue communicates with all animals, domestic and wild. She addresses behavioral, health, and emotional issues, lost animals, and  also communicates with animals that have crossed over.  Sue is trained to teach the Basic Animal Communication course developed by Penelope Smith, as well as other workshops and lectures.

CAROL LOUISE VAUGHEN - 303-304-7972  Aurora, Colrado  80222 email:  SPECIALTIES: lost animals, assisting pets to pass into spirit when it is their time and grief counseling.  Carol communicates with all animals.  She works with animals that are near passing over or have passed over in spirit.  She also works with lost animalsbe they still on the planet or have passed on.  Carol has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Counseling from Snata Monica University and uses this experience and education to hlep clients understand and make those hard decisions when it imay be time for their pets to pass into spirit.  She also helps people process their grief in losing a loved one..


West Haven, CT (203) 691-8217 Sharon's personal love for all connects her deeply to you and your pets.  Sharon has been communicating with different species her entire life.  She would love to help you interact with your pets.  She can help you and your pets deal with trauma, health and behavior issues, moving, new family members and more by communicating with you and your pets.  She would love to help you and your pets deepen you family bonds.  She offers phone consultations for all species.  Gift certificates are also available.  


CAROL SCHULTZ Pekin, IL 61555. (815-531-2850).  Interactive, compassionate and insightful Consultations and Intuitive Healing for all animal species.  Helping to deepen relationship with animals and nature.  Assistance with emotional, behavioral, physical, end of life, and in spirit. Professional phone and in person sessions since 2000.  Lectures, Beginner and Advanced classes available.


MARILYN TOKACH - Minneapolis, MN (952) 226-2622. Professional animal communicator, trainer, and behaviorist, Marilyn is a compassionate empath, healer and teacher, seeking to empower both animals and humans to bring mutual understanding and harmony into their lives. Extensive corporate experience in human resources/management in interviewing, training/development, and conflict resolution combined with Bachelors and Masters studies in psychology and business administration compliment her work with people and animals. Active in rescue and animal related issues, Marilyn has trained dogs for 15+ years and participates in obedience, conformation, agility, and Schutzhund. Marilyn lives with dogs, birds, fish, and a cat.


GINNY PALMIERI Port Murray, NJ  e-mail contact is For more information see: //  Ginny began exploring animal communication in 1991, learning from Dawn Hayman. She began working with clients in 1993, and in 1995, under the name of Debbink, she regularized her schedule and began to work professionally. Her work with animals is lifelong, and includes breeding and showing German Shepherds, and training dogs since the mid 70s. Her animal communication work is done primarily through telephone consulations. She offers appointments on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Ginny’s goal is to deepen the emotional understanding between people and their animal companions, and to open avenues of connection. Ginny works from an intuitive base, and works toward balancing relationships through a consentual approach. She has worked with Linda Schiller-Hanna to improve her abilities as a lightworker and psychic. She is locally available for lectures, workshops and seminars. If you would like to host an event with her, please contact her through one of her e-mail addresses.


DIANE SAMSEL – Tryon, NC. 828-859-5912  Please do not call after 8pm Eastern. Diane has been trained to access the innate ability we all have to communicate with all species of animals, their guardians, vets, trainers and breeders. In addition to the sheer joy she experiences doing this work, she can also help uncover undiagnosed disease, facilitate behavior changes, clear up misunderstandings between animals or with people, re-unite lost animals and more. So much healing can happen in these experiences for everyone involved with little effort. Diane also busies herself with giving lectures and workshops in this field and is fluent in astrology as well.

CINDY WENGER Hershey, PA. (717) 566-0922. Peaceable Kingdom Animal Communications, P.O. Box 265, Hershey, PA 17033. Cindy completed advanced studies and enhanced her communication skills under the direction of internationally known animal communicators Penelope Smith. Cindy is also is a Tera-Mai™ Reiki/Seichem Master, flower essence practitioner, and certified master teacher of Magnified Healing, offering those techniques for helping animals as well.  She also is a certified herbalist and has formulated her own line of 100% USDA Certified Organic herbal tinctures for pets and also has organic herbal tea and tea blends for people.  You can purchase Peaceable Kingdom Essentials product line at  email:  She is available for consultations, lectures,  and workshops. All consultations are done by appointment over the telephone (eastern time) or email (to accommodate international clientele); emergencies may be honored immediately. Cindy is not accepting lost animal cases at this time.  Morning (T-TH) and evening (T-TH) consultations are available.  International services available. Gift Certificates also available.


KAT BERARD San Antonio, TX. ( Worldwide services and workshops) (210) 402-1220. "Compassionate support for your pet's body, mind, spirit and emotions" is Kat's motto.  Among other situations, Kat addresses health and behavioral issues through employing telepathic communication and being a medical intuitive. The informative transcripts from communication sessions help clientele understand their pets’ needs, and help foster a better understanding and deeper bond between them. Kat offers worldwide services for all issues (except lost animals) concerning your pet, including working with animals in spirit. She offers Bach flower essences, holistic care education, and worldwide workshops. 
Visit her site to sign up her free email newsletter containing communication stories, holistic care information and much more.  


JEANNIE LINDHEIM- PO Box 659, Woodstock, VT  05091 (617) 633-6338
Compassionate practical consultations and problem solving with all species. Behavior, emotional, physical, death/dying and beyond. Reiki. Phone
and in-person. A consultation is an opportunity for you and your animal friend to better understand each other, creating a deeper bond and better partnership. You will learn what your animal feels about her/his life and environment, her/his day and how she/he thinks. You will gain insights into his/her needs and viewpoints on different questions you will be asking him/her. If you’re struggling with any issues with your animal, these communications services may provide you with solutions. Jeannie studied with the pioneer in animal communication, Penelope Smith.


ROSE DE DAN Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing - Seattle, WA. (206) 933-7877.   // Rose has been building bridges between people and animals since 1996 as an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer and writer.  Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.  She offers healing sessions by phone, and teaches live, home study Reiki and shamanic classes. Author of the highly acclaimed book, "Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki & Shamanism" which contains a collection of stories that offer inspirational glimpses into the beauty and mystery of the animal world and energy healing.


England (UK) email:;
Jane Summers is a professional animal communicator specializing in remote telepathic communication with animals internationally.  AC sessions, once made, are clearly typed as transcripts & forwarded via post or email, or relayed in full via telephone. Communication assistance consults for behavioural and emotional issues with animals. Telepathic sessions with non-verbal individuals: Babies, Autistic spectrum, Alzheimers, Coma, Stroke, or Terminally diagnosed.  Communications with people & animals in spirit.  Pure Animal Communication (Pure AC)  Workshops, & Power point presentations/talks on AC.
Originally trained by USA Acer's Kat Berard & Penelope Smith.  Jane's work acknowledges that telepathy has no limits distance wise. Her compassionate assistance & clearly conveyed communications are requested worldwide.



























































































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